Friday, January 22, 2010

Summer Girl

I'm dreaming of cool summer nights, of sun kissed blonde hair in sea salt coils. I'm dreaming of flimsy dresses and sun hats, of drinks out of mason jars and fireflies. I'm beginning to dream of summer. Everyone has a season, and though I appreciate them all, I am a summer girl. It just so happens that fall is my favourite season(I just really love cider and a cute jacket). But summer is when I'm at my best, I'm happiest. The picture above reminds me of camping on the beach down in North Carolina, though we never could get our fires this big.

So what is your season? And why?


  1. summer is definitely my season for the 3 S's: Sun dresses, S'mores, and Sailboats. not that i have a sailboat. . . but it's nice to think of!

  2. Ah yes, it sounds so lovely. I'm not a big sailor, but I do love sundresses, and sandals, and the smell of coconut and sunscreen.