Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ink Love: Collar

So this was not the inspiration for this post, but I feel it can't be ignored. I'm in love with collar bone tattoos right now and Rhianna's is a lovely example. It says "never a failure, always a lesson" and while I think the sentiment and the fact that it's written backwards is lovely, I'm also just lovin' the placement. So I figured I would share a few more of my favourite collar bone ink spots.
This is not actually a fav tattoo so much as an excellent photo. My inner(very inner) art nerd just loves the composition.
I wish I could read this, the text is lovely as is its placement right along the bone. If anyone can read it let me know!
This one almost looks fake but it's none the less lovely. I like the period, it gives the single word a solid statement.
I think I've shown this one before but I still think it's just gorgeous. Birds were a big trend in tattoos this year but this one seems timeless and classic and like it was meant to be part of her body.
This is a popular statement for tattoos, in many forms. The placement is nice and I believe it goes with the bottom picture.
I like that they serve as a reminder to push through and to keep going. It's similar to how I feel about my wrist tattoo which serves as a reminder for me to always push myself to strive for more.I've shown you this one before but I still think the white ink is so awesome.
Generally I'm against names on ones skin (though my sister has her daughters name on her foot). But this just looks so lovely.
I love the sentiment in this, again, I suppose I'm big on tattoos that are reminders of a mantra or goal.


  1. i think it says, 'que sera sera'.. those birds ARE stunning!

  2. i love collar tattoos, and i am actually thinking of getting one! i love the white ink and the sentimental statements. also, rebecca is correct... it says "que sera, sera."