Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Chasing Chaos

I've talked about it before but it bears repeating. One of the many things I learned from my charming artist roommates is an appreciation of a little chaos. Chaos is passion, it's whimsy, it's spontaneity. Without chaos, you can't have any of those wonderful things. That said, my life is a bit chaotic. I'm once again searching for a roommate, the aforementioned person who decided the speak to my ex behind my back just happened to be my new roommate. I'm not sure what her issue was, let alone her issue with me, but suffice to say she was unstable and mercifully has moved out. Though, she did leave us in a lurch with bills and a complete lack of roommate. Thankfully my other roommate is lovely and has worked out just fine. All the same, my life is bit chaotic. But then I think to myself if my life were easy it just wouldn't be the same. My moments of up and down give shape to my life, give words to my music. The picture above is chaotic, and absolutely gorgeous, the people I love are chaotic and wonderful, chaos it seems is an essential part of my life. And though I've tried to fight it it keeps coming back. So, I've accepted chaos in my house, in my music, in my wardrobe and in my love life, I think it's time I accept that chaos is here to stay and finally make peace with it, or even learn to enjoy it.

On a side note, I dream of a living room like this.


  1. love the vines. i wanted to put plants like that all around my apartment last fall but never got around to it.. regretting this now..