Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Five Shoes Every Girl Needs

Everyone has their go to shoes, mine happen to beat a rather beat up pair of black studded ballet flats bought a few years ago at an Aldo clearance. I love them. But there are five pairs of shoes that in this bloggers humble opinion, everyone should own. These are my top five...

1) Ballet Flats
But not just any ballet flats, a really, really fantastic pair. I chose these cute leopard ones from Gap, but it can be any pair as long as they're a bit out of the ordinary. I'm a fan of wacky colors or patters, and I frequently treat them as neutrals.

2) Killer Heels
Obviously a killer pair of heels are essential. But this is the pair that you can dance in all night but still manage to make you feel like a goddess. The pair that when you put them on you prance around your house like a pinup girl, this is that pair.

3) Everyday Boots
About nine months out of the year I live in flat boots. I love them, mine are generally vintage and scored at my local Goodwill. Flat boots are perfect with jeans, leggings, dresses, skirts, pretty much everything. Next to my ballet flats, they are my go to footwear.

4) Converse
OK, so this is just basically a casual but cool sneaker of some kind. My preference is converse, they are the ideal show going, errands running, everyday shoe. I'm a fan of grey since it looks a little less angsty teen, but any color is good, I'm also a big fan of maroon. Keds work equally as well in this department.

5) Hot Sandals
This past summer I destroyed my beloved pair of target, braided, gold sandals. Litterally, I mourned. Gold sandals are great for summer, they show off cute toes, go with pretty much everything and have an ability to make you feel like a Greek goddess. Plus they make legs look longer.

Am I missing one of your essentials? What are they?


  1. love your pics! i have some leopard ballet flats that i live in, and i can't get through fall/winter/spring without flat boots. my chucks finally died a few months ago, and i replaced them with toms, which are my new favorites!

  2. great choices. i rarely wear heels since i live in the mountains but i live in my ballet flats and frye boots. ohh, to have warm weather again..