Monday, December 28, 2009

Penny Saver: Cheery Morning

I am not a morning person. But I do have to, thanks to classes and the little dog, wake up quite early. I've put in place a series of little things to cheer me up because of this, so I thought, since some of you may not be morning people, that I would share. First, my morning cup of coffee. I prefer it done with a french press but it doesn't always happen, however the addition of my favourite mug helps elevate any cup of joe(by the by my mug is white with pink polka dots).
This is my second secret weapon. During the winter my sensitive skin gets terribly dry, this is the only thing I've found that helps. It's very heavy and yeh, it's yellow, but it gives you a gorgeous glow and keeps your skin quenched all day. Just remember to let it soak in before you put on your makeup(you might want to enjoy your coffee while you wait).
This is my final weapon against blustery winter mornings, grapefruit lotion. It makes me happy. It's cheerful and bright smell makes me grin even on the grossest winter morning.

Anyways, those are my weapons against morning(particularly winter mornings which are the toughest) what are yours?


  1. Coffee is my biggest defense. A few minutes to myself alone also greatly improves my attitude, better yet a few minutes of quiet time followed by a quick jog/run. Also, snuggling with the puppy. =]

  2. i am with you on the coffee, especially with soy vanilla creamer. so yummy. also, i set my alarm for 20 minutes earlier than i really need to wake up, so that i can snooze twice :)

    i need to try the burts day creme. my skin is sooooo dry in the winter. thanks for the tip!