Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Painter in Paris

My roommate and I have this thing, we like to troll Craigslist searching for apartments for our completely unrealistic dream lives. One of my many dream lives is to be a poor but happy painter in Paris. It is a dream because it is a sad fact that I cannot paint, though my finger paintings are quite good.
Mostly what I want is the excuse to wander about drinking good coffee and wearing charmingly paint splattered clothes, smoking cigarettes without worry about the consequences and of course, lots of hats, scarves and maybe a delightfully scruffy painter boyfriend.
This would be my charming studio and oh yeh, that's a working fireplace for those nights when the passion of painting becomes discussions of art and life while drinking red wine in front of a fire. Ah yes, that would be the dream.

What's your dream life?

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