Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Gosh Darnit Modcloth

Every once in awhile I do a post about how Modcloth is trying to torture me, this is one of those. I must admit, Modcloth is a touch out of a my price range. But I none the less drool over their wares like this awesome sweatshirt dress with the charming zipper touch. How cozy!
This studded skirt would be perfection with a loose v-neck white t shirt, black tights and black booties.
I can just see this dress with a pair of textured tights, some cute mary janes and maybe a velvet blazer.
This has to be my favourite, they call it the art class dress. And it does look like just that. It would be perfect with leggings and little ballet flats and maybe a feathered headband.
Ahhh this skirt is glorious, what wouldn't it go with? A loose shirt and a pair of heels, lovely, a tank and blazer with some boots, work ready, an untucked loose t shirt with some cons and it concert appropriate.
I swoon, the end.

I'm unsure of these, cause they look quite a bit like something Mrs. Claus would wear, but they're still kinda cute, what do you guys think?


  1. I LOVE Modcloth, but yes, sooooo pricey!

    All of these would make lovely additions to any wardrobe!

  2. I know, it looks delightful doesn't it? If only I had unlimited funds and a closet the size of a small country.

  3. I agree. I think ModCloth is out to torture me too. I LOVE that sweater wit the zipper and the red booties. Actually, I love everything :)

  4. What would you wear the booties with? I'm dying to know cause I think they're super cute but I've got no idea how one would wear them.