Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My New Goal

I have a new goal, and no it's not being naked. Though that might be part of it. In the wake of my recent break up I have no qualms about admitting that my self confidence is a bit injured. I'm not saying I'm feeling down on myself, but I'm just not the perky, spunky, outgoing Ace that I usually am. In light of this I have decided to make a new goal for myself, and that goal is lingerie. I've heard it from cosmo, and the blogosphere and apparently french women swear by the confidence boosting powers of pretty unmentionables. Up until now I have scoffed at such a concept in favor of my cozy, comfy cotton panties. They are cute enough I said, be damned thongs I said, but I find I'm begining to change my mind. I mean, this chick ^ looks like she knows what she's talking about right?
This goal is not without some work though. First and foremost it means relinguishing my less than flattering underbits in favor of frilly, lacey, girly bits. Though I'm not pleased about giving up some comfort I am excited at the thought of feeling pretty even under my uniform of jeans and t shirts.

Now before you run off and say the Kitty Bear Chronicles has gone from the single ladies edition to the slutty ladies edition, this is NOT about attracting some hot piece of man candy(last I checked that rippling midsection of Taylor Lautner is still jail bait). This is more about feeling sexy for myself. It's about remembering that even when I'm feeling a bit down that I am beautiful and that taking care of myself inside and out is important.
So tell me(if you want) are you a lingerie kinda girl? Or are you the comfy to the core type? Know any good places for cheap, comfy(ish), sexy lacy bits? I know, I know, I may be asking too much.


  1. do it! you can find cheaper bras and cute underwear at store like nordstrom rack and tj maxx.

    i just got fitted this past weekend for a bra, by the way, and all the rumors are true! i was wearing the totally wrong size. you should go into a nordstrom and get fitted :)

  2. i recently joined the lacy bandwagon myself, and it's so true. you really do feel sexier, even if no one ever sees your unmentionables! victoria secret can be a bit pricey, so i usually check target and even forever 21. they make some lace/cotton combos that are as comfy as my previous grandma cotton hanes. good luck!

  3. Ack, I can't wait to go, I'm working a ton before/after xmas so I plan on taking my post xmas paycheck and buying myself some unmentionable gifts. Wish me luck!