Sunday, October 18, 2009

Currently Coveting: The Denim Shirt

Fall is fast approaching. Or judging by the weather in Boston perhaps come and gone. Either way it's got me feeling the need for crisp, All-America clothes and nothing says America like a denim shirt. I know, I know, I'm a bit late on this trend, but it takes some guts to wear your jeans on top.
I'll be honest and say I'm not sure I could pull of the double denim but those who do always look fantastic.
I think this look is probably more my speed. Beloved floral dress, check, cutsie bowler hat, check, beat up denim shirt, check. The denim shirt is an awesome thrift store find, but there are many out there that are just a bit too over the top. Read: over studded, White Snake emblem(unless that's your thing in which case awesome) or any kind of navajo motif or teddy bears. I like mine clean and rather classically tailored. The top image is from my beloved American Eagle and though the price is a little steep for cheapie me, it looks damn comfy.

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  1. i've been wanting a denim shirt too! i'm not sure how to pull it off in cooler weather, though, since floral dresses are already out of the question this fall..