Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ten Things

Ten little things that make me happy and help me get through the day...

1) Coke in a glass bottle. It makes me feel like a pinup girl.

2) A phone call with my best lady friend.

3)My pretty new blue day planner, I may not have a job, but I'm ready for one.

4) Writing/painting/drawing in my journal.

5) A fun hat.

6) My vintage blue fan, not only does it cool me off while I do my makeup but it reminds me of a wonderful beach trip with my friends where I found it on the side of the road.

7) Grapefruit scented body lotion and honeysuckle scented perfume, my scents of summer.

8) Netflix.

9) Reading Alice in Wonderland.

10) Taking my golden retriever hiking in the gully.


  1. Netflix on Wii FTW!

    Here are some of my favorites:
    snuggling with my doggie
    people watching
    eBay cruising (eBay doesn't count as shopping)

  2. Haha, oh I do a few of those myself. I'm an avid ebay cruiser and I have taken over my little bro's wii. I miss working at the salon for the people watching, oh the people watching!

  3. the smell of freshly cut grass!