Monday, March 8, 2010

Spring Sprung

Spring dressing confuses me. You never know what the weather will be like, at least here in the cold snowy north you don't. Spring requires preparation and preparation. You could go for the above look and rock your big scarf and plaid and a hat on the chillier days. On a side note, I'm obsessed with her shoes.
Then of course there's the warmer days, as long as there's no rain. And you can go to way these girls did and wear adorable polka dot tights which are subtle but too cute. I especially love them with the romper in the lower picture.
Ah then there is the art of layering, check out the photo on the bottom left. This girl is a layering pro! She's got a long sleeve shirt, a scarf, a short sleeve jacket, pants and cute little oxfords! And to the right we have another spring idea, skirts. I own tons of skirt but for some reason hardly ever wear them. I'm making it my new goal to show my pretty collection of skirt the light of a spring day.
Finally we've got jackets. My personal favourite spring jacket is a leather jacket. It's tough, lightweight and kinda waterproof. Though I've been known to wear my red trench coat if it really pours, the bright color makes me happy.
The other option is a sweater coat and I'm loving this one. Actually, I'm loving everything about this look. The gorgeous blonde messy hair, the coat, the plaid, the high waisted jeans, I love it all.
On those warmer days you can go the way of a blazer like our good friend at Orchid Grey. I love this velvet one cause it keeps you warm and seasonally appropriate but it's also fun and soft.
What are your spring dressing go to's?

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