Thursday, May 5, 2011


Summer plans. There's this thing about New York, when it gets warm, we come alive. It's as if everyone's been hibernating and how we're all waking up, stretching out and seeing the sun and we're ready to take it all in. Your head fills with images of piers and beaches and brunches in the sun. You're all about ice cream and an open fire hydrant. You look longingly at shorts in displays and buy a new pair of sunglasses that make you look just like Sophia Loren! I love summer in New York.

But one of the best parts is getting out of New York! And that's why my girls and I are planning a trip to my parents lake house. A weekend trip for all of us at the end of the summer. And we are going all out! First we're borrowing a friends cousin's minivan so we can pack all 8 or so of us! We're also having a fundraiser to pay for the ever increasing price of gas! We're going to have a Williamsburg Lemonade Stand/Bake Sale/Kissing Booth! Hurray. Then we'll spend a few days sunning, playing in the water, hiking the gully, eating homemade food and drinking local wine and enjoying some quality girl time! Ahhh, this is the life...

Wilderness- Middle Brother

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