Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I've Been Told I'm Rather Cat Like

Cause Lord knows I land on my feet and I'm beginning to think I may even have 9 lives. Sunday afternoon I randomly sent out my resume to all the local venues. None of them were advertising, but I figured why not? About an hour later I got a text saying "Hey Ace, call me tomorrow so we can set up a time to meet, So and So From Cool Venue". Weird, non? But awesome. A few hours after that I got a text from my old boss informing me he had just said nice things about me to the owners of said cool venue. Hurray again!

The next day I gave them a ring and the owner told me to come in around 4, which I did. I waited a bit then met with the owner who basically asked me to tell him about myself. Which I did. I explained that I'm a recent graduate, with the golden ticket of a music degree, I told him about the internship I had interviewed for and my need to support my habit of volunteering in my feild and that working at a venue seemed like the most logical way to do that. So he says to me "see here's the thing, we're not hiring" and of course my heart sinks. "But," he says "I saw your resume and it's great and your old boss said such great things about you and the fact is I have a really good feeling about you and I want you here". WHAT??!!

So he says to me that he can't promise I'll be in the production and booking side of things right away or all the time but that he wants me to get to know everything. I'm going to start off at the desk and hostessing, then learn to serve, then bartend, learn stage set up, production, booking and marketing. Basically, he wants me to know everything. He had assumed I was looking for a music job, I was just looking to pour beers! So they are going to give me a call in a few days to start figuring out where to put me and get me trained. Holy bananas! Now if I get this internship as well I get to be on both sides of things seeing how it works from the inside out! At long last, my first paid semi music job!

A few months ago I went back to Boston for the first time and saw an old professor of mine. While explaining the oddessy that finding a music job has been for me he says to me "I don't worry about you, you've got rubber soles, you always land on your feet". I'm this close to things really working out and I'm hoping like hell that it all falls into place. Wish me luck!

On a side note, I'll be out of town and incommunicado for a few days since I'll be home in the backwoods for my birthday with my family. Upon my return I shift gears into the hyper drive that the next few months of my life will hopefully be. Promise to write again soon!

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